The New Direction Weight Management System is a medically supervised, non-surgical program designed to help people lose weight safely and quickly.

The program has four phases:

  1. Screening – Physical exam and lab tests to see if you are eligible to enroll.
  2. Reducing – The active weight loss stage, when you get most or all of your nutrients from food replacement products.
  3. Adapting – Gradual transition to eating mostly grocery meals.
  4. Maintenance – Continued support and personalized meal plans to help you maintain your weight.

The New Direction Weight Management System offers food replacement products that are low-calorie, high-protein, low-carbohydrate products—including beverages, soups, puddings, protein bars and more—in a variety of flavors that provide the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy while losing weight.  All come in convenient, single-serving packets.

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